Instructions For Graduates Attending Convocation


(Convocation will be conducted strictly in compliance with the SOPs of COVID-19 Pandemic as announced by Government of Pakistan, NCOC and Higher Education Commission from time to time).

Dear Degree recipient: Please read the guidelines / instructions carefully and follow the same in true letter and spirit to avoid untoward situation for your as well as accompanied guest.

Convocation Registration Guidelines

The registration form can be downloaded from the University website

  • Graduates are required to submit registration forms alongwith prescribed attachments indicated in the form in person at the Office of Student Affairsof their respective Wing after paying prescribed free of Rs.2,500/-(non-refundable)in University Account at Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd on proper fee voucher.They can also fill online registration form and send through email at [email protected] with prescribed attachments as given in the registration form.
  • Note:-Last date for submission of registration form is Saturday October 9, 2021.

Follow the Convocation Instructions

Wearing face mask

Temperature screening

Hand sanitization

Maintaining social distance

Presentation of:

Original CNIC

Convocation Registration/Invitation Card.

Original Vaccination Certificate/Card issued by NADRA.

Social distance will be maintained in arena due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Graduates will be guided by the staff on duty for seating plan, line-up to obtain degree and other logistics.

Students are required to sit on their assigned seats with the color code of their respective faculty.

Official group photographs will be taken after the conclusion of convocation.

University Management has officially hired photographer for photographs of line-up, wide angle group photographs and other events.
Photographers will also setup booths to take your photographs with students’ family and friends.

Photographs will be provided to students on payment. Therefore, abstain from taking photographs at venue when the session is in progress.

Academic costumes will be available from University from October 13 to 14, 2021 within working hours oncash payment @ Rs. 2500/- as rent and security.The said amount will be refundable upon return of academic costume upto 6.00 p.m. on the day of convocation.

Graduates must wear regalia in strict conformity on convocation day.

Please note that returning of gown, hood and cap is necessary for receiving original degree from the University, failing which the received security will be adjusted against the payment of gown, hood and cap.

Gown string should be properly tied and the tassel on the cap should be on the right side.

The hood should be on the upper right shoulder.

Be punctual at the convocation and be seated at least 30 minutes prior to stipulated communicated time after which the entrance gate will be closed. Once the ceremony is called to start by the Chief Guest no degree recipient/parents/guest will be allowed to enter into the Arena.

Graduates are expected to maintain pin-drop silence when the academic procession enters the convocation Arena as well as during the convocation proceedings. Avoid talking or discussing anything among each other.

Good behavior and decent manners are the reflection of righteous up-bringing with decent family background, educated and well-groomed personality.

Graduates should behave themselves in a dignified manner throughout the proceedings of the convocation.

Graduates Parents/Guests
Male A dark colour lounge suit with closed collar and closed shoes with laces Lounge suit / Kameez Shalwar with waist coat/ closed collar.
Female Kameez Shalwar/Trouser with Dopatta/Head scarves of sober color. Decent dress of sober colour.

General instructions

Good behavior and decent manners are the reflection of righteous up-bringing with decent family background, educated and well-groomed personality.

Guests under the age of 12 years and those whose particulars are not included in the registration form, will not be permitted entry into the University/Convocation Arena.

Smoking and bringing edibles inside the Convocation Arena is strictly prohibited.

Graduates will not be allowed to leave the Convocation Arena before the conclusion announcement of the convocation proceedings.

All graduates, faculty members and guests will stand in honor of procession when it enters the Convocation Arena and will remain standing until the procession gets settled.

Graduates are required to rise from their seats at the time of conferment of degrees without making any noise.

When the Governor of the Punjab/Patron of The University of Faisalabad say, “I admit you to the degree ………..”, please bow your head and upper part of the body keeping your right hand on the chest, as a token of respect.

Graduate while receiving the award from Chief Guest should turn his/her face to the camera for photograph..

Graduate receiving his/her medal should show utmost courtesy and respect to the Chief Guest by saying“Thank You Sir”.

Graduates will leave the convocation Arena in orderly manners; starting from the back rows without rushing out and noising in any case.

Refreshment will be arranged only for graduates and their parents/guests in the University Lawn.

Mobile phones are not allowed in the Arena.

General Guidelines in wake of COVID

1)Wear face mask.

2)Keep small hand sanitizer bottle and use it frequently

3)Maintain social distance and avoid hand shaking/embracing

4)Avoid sharing of items and eatable

5)Entry of individuals with temperature higher than specified will be prohibited

Degrees Distribution

After refreshment, graduates will collect degrees from designated counters after proper verification and return regalia.